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As a nun who has taken a vow of celibacy, I am deeply offended by pornography. I aim to cleanse fandom of this filth and instil some purity into it instead. Just... don't make me have to actually see it! *shudders*

[Not a real journal - sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

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agreeing with olivia, angels, anime, anti-4chan, anti-adultery, anti-deathfic, anti-incest, anti-lemons, anti-pornography, anti-premarital sex, anti-prostitution, anti-rapefic, anti-suicide, anti-threesomes, anti-yaoi, anti-yuri, being a bitch in sheep's clothing, being a drama queen, being a hypocrite, being a prude, being actually pretty terrible, being chaste, being conservative, being graceful, being melodramatic, being oh-so-holy, being oversensitive, being preachy, being pure, being whiny, blaming rape victims, cathedrals, celibacy, christianity, churches, fainting spells, getting the vapours, god, manga, married couples, maxie is a harlot, missy is awful, not my own bustline, nuns, playing the victim, religion, rod is a pervert, sermons, sharing views with esmeralda, slutshaming, syrius is a sinner, talking to brick walls, the bible, traditional values, victim-blaming, video games, virginity
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